After receiving some reports that the chairman of the House of Representatives, Hosoda, was repeating acts that could be perceived as sexual harassment by female reporters, the opposition party requested that the chairman himself explain at the board of directors of the House of Representatives Steering Committee.

In response, the Liberal Democratic Party explained that Chairman Hosoda was not the case.

In "Weekly Bunshun" released on the 19th, it was reported that Chairman Hosoda repeatedly invited female reporters to come to his house at midnight, which could be perceived as sexual harassment.

In response to this, the Constitutional Democratic Party and others requested that Chairman Hosoda himself explain the facts at the committee and other places, saying that the content was lacking in dignity at the board of directors of the House of Representatives Steering Committee.

In response, Liberal Democratic Party chairman Yamaguchi explained on the 19th that Chairman Hosoda said, "It's completely different from the facts. I would like to protest the publisher severely and explain it from time to time."

On the other hand, at the board of directors, in a debate over a bill to introduce imprisonment for insults held at the plenary session on the 19th, a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party said, "Chairman Hosoda is playing with women." The Liberal Democratic Party argued that it should be removed from the minutes.

In response, the Constitutional Democratic Party argued that it could not respond as "just an example."

Representative Izumi Ritsumin "If it is true, I doubt the qualities of the chairman."

At a press conference, the Constitutional Democratic Party's representative, Izumi, said, "Chairman Hosoda has always deviated from the national sense, saying,'Even if we increase the number of members who have a monthly salary of less than 1 million yen, we won't win.'" There was a suspicion of this sexual harassment remark. If it is true, there is doubt about the qualities of the chairman and he should explain it himself. "

Komeito Secretary-general Ishii "The person himself gives a firm explanation"

Komeito secretary-general Ishii said at a press conference, "Because I was suspicious, it is important for me to explain it properly."