China News Service, May 20. According to Hong Kong Sing, the Hong Kong Palace Museum is tentatively scheduled to open in July. A souvenir sheet, this set of stamps showcases 8 precious pieces currently housed in the Forbidden City in Beijing.

  The special stamps and philatelic products of the "Hong Kong Palace Museum" will be officially issued on June 30. The public pre-orders were opened in November last year. The products on sale include stamp sheetlets, block tickets, first day covers, etc., and some products such as collection sets, postage prepaid Picture cards are sold out.

The stamps and philatelic products sold this time are all printed with precious collections from the Forbidden City in Beijing, including "The Lady Tushanzi in White Jade" by Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, "White Glazed Boy's Pillow in Dingyao" in the Northern Song Dynasty, and "Human" by Zhao Meng𫖯 in the Yuan Dynasty. "Riding Diagram" scroll, Yuan Dynasty "Zhubi Mountain Mark Silver Cha" and "Dish with Red Narcissus Pattern", Tang Dynasty "Bronze Mirror with Polo Pattern"; there are also two pieces of porcelain, including the Qing Dynasty "Golden Body Painting Enamel Cup and Plate" "And Ming Jiajing "Five-colored fish and algae map cover pot" and so on.

  The above-mentioned cultural relics are currently collected in the Forbidden City in Beijing, and they are all representative collections.

According to reports, "Dingyao White Glaze Boy's Pillow" shapes the porcelain pillow into an innocent, lively and lovely boy image. The whole work has soft and smooth lines, and the details are extremely vivid and vivid. It is a famous product in ancient Chinese porcelain.

As for the "Five-colored Fish and Algae Figure Covered Jar", it is a famous item in the blue-and-white multi-colored porcelain of the Jiajing official kiln in the Ming Dynasty.

  Hongkong Post announced last year that it will issue 6 sets of special stamps with different themes from January to June this year. In addition to the "Hong Kong Palace Museum", other themes include "Development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area" and "The Years of Renyin" (Year of the Tiger)” and so on.