As part of the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the revised Fukushima Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Special Measures Law, which includes the establishment of a new education and research base in Fukushima Prefecture, was enacted at the House of Councilors plenary session.

The revised law states that the "Fukushima International Research and Education Organization" will be established in Fukushima Prefecture in order to strengthen science and technology and industrial competitiveness through research such as decommissioning of nuclear power plants and recovery from the earthquake.

This organization will carry out research and development aimed at creating new industries and strengthening the international competitiveness of industries.

In addition, the Prime Minister will listen to the opinions of the Governor of Fukushima Prefecture and experts, and then set a basic plan that will be the specific goals and activities.

The amendment was approved at the House of Councilors plenary session on the 20th, and was approved and approved by a large number of people in favor.

Following the enactment of the revised law, the government will formulate a basic plan this summer and decide where to set up the "organization" by September.