Problems with recruiting staff for the security check in combination with Easter holidays led to long queues at Arlanda in April.

Swedavia, which operates Arlanda Airport, does not want to see a repeat.

Therefore, Terminal 4, which was closed during the pandemic, will open on 15 June.

A new subway connects it to terminal 5. As a result, transfer passengers no longer have to leave one terminal and pass a new checkpoint when entering the next.

- It increases the capacity at the airport, says Peter Grunditz, chief operating officer at Swedavia.

Moving staff

Swedavia still has difficulty recruiting enough staff to meet the expected flow of travelers this summer.

More action than opening terminal 4 is needed.

- That is why we are moving staff from other airports to Arlanda.

And employs young people who will inform travelers and manage queues, says Peter Grunditz.

Still, there is a warning that travel will not flow as painlessly as before the pandemic.

- There are challenges left, says Peter Grunditz.

The clip: More about how Arlanda will cope with the summer