On the 20th, the Democratic Party for the People announced a pledge for the upper house election in the summer.

In addition to realizing an "economy that raises salaries" through aggressive fiscal policy, security has announced an increase in defense spending in order to improve "hit power for self-defense."

On the 20th, the Democratic Party for the People announced a pledge for the Upper House election with the slogan "Raise salary. Protect the country."

The pledge states that aggressive fiscal policy and monetary easing will realize an "economy with higher salaries" by revitalizing consumption and investment.

In addition, in order to protect households from rising prices, the consumption tax rate will be reduced to 5% on a timely basis, and an "inflation allowance" of 100,000 yen per person will be provided in cash.

Also, saying that "human resource development" is important, in addition to making education up to high school free of charge, we will expand child allowances and pay 15,000 yen per person per month until the child turns 18 regardless of the parent's annual income. doing.

On the other hand, in diplomacy and security, in light of the changes in the security environment caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we will strengthen "deterrence to prevent the start of war" and develop "strike power for self-defense" in the event of an attack. We are planning to increase defense spending.

Mr. Tamaki said, "I just want to regain the'economy that raises salaries'. Why should wages fall and I have to worry about the future even though there are so many diligent and serious people? We will realize a society that will be rewarded if we work diligently and do our best. "