• The Vässla brand is setting up its pedalless electric bike rental service in Paris.

  • The design of the bike is reminiscent of the balance bike, the ancestor of the bicycle.

  • The brand only offers private rental, for 79 euros per month.

A bike that only has a bike in name.

In this month of May, the Vässla brand arrives in Paris and offers its electric bike without pedals for rental.

Created in Sweden in 2017, it looks more like an electric scooter, with a saddle to sit on.

Its design even recalls that of the draisienne, the ancestor of the bicycle.

There, no need to push on the feet, to move forward, just operate a handle and let yourself be carried away.

Unlike other mobility offers popular with Parisians, such as free-floating electric scooters or Vélib', pedalless bikes are not intended for the greatest number.

No self-service with Vässla, the user must subscribe.

For 79 euros per month, users can access what looks like a premium micromobility service: vehicle delivered to their home, and kept by the user for the duration of the rental.

The brand highlights better flexibility.

“When the user wants to go to work, or travel outside the city, he no longer depends on the availability of free-floating vehicles in the street, explains Mar Pallas, the brand's European regional manager.

He has his vehicle directly at home.

The founders of Vässla also want to empty the streets loaded with self-service vehicles.

The possibility for its bike without pedals to travel on cycle paths (see decree on light mopeds of January 2022) convinced the Swedish company to offer its offer in the capital.

"Paris is a city that is doing a lot to improve soft mobility", judges Mar Pallas.

She adds: “Private rental is part of a more ecological approach.

To recharge the batteries, it is no longer necessary to use vans every evening to drive around the city vehicles.

You can recharge at home.

For co-creator Richard Bröms, the electric bike should be a means of reducing the presence of the car in town and the carbon footprint of micromobility vehicles.

Vans will still be needed to deliver the bikes to homes.


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