China News Service, May 19. According to the website of the Ministry of Education, recently, the Office of the Education Supervision Committee of the State Council once again issued a reminder letter to the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to further consolidate the average salary of compulsory education teachers and not be lower than the average salary of local civil servants. The achievement of income level (referred to as "not lower than") ensures that "not lower than" continues to be implemented.

  The reminder letter clearly puts forward three requirements: First, increase the overall planning at the provincial level, urge and guide the subordinate counties (cities, districts) to list the salaries of compulsory education teachers as the government's must-guaranteed expenditure, pay them on time and in full, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of arrears of teachers' salaries. , and resolutely prevent the rebound of the situation of "not less than" not being implemented.

The second is to strengthen publicity and communication, increase publicity and explanation of policies and measures related to the vital interests of compulsory education teachers, such as salary policy, payment plan, payment form, etc., listen to and respond to demands in a timely manner, and guide the majority of compulsory education teachers to eliminate doubts and misunderstandings. reasonable expectations.

The third is to seriously pursue accountability, further increase the monitoring and verification of the salaries of compulsory education teachers in the subordinate counties (cities, districts), and immediately urge rectification as soon as problems are found, and seriously hold relevant persons accountable in accordance with the "Measures for Education Supervision and Accountability". responsible person.

  For areas with serious problems, the Office of the State Council Education Steering Committee will conduct listing and supervision in due course.