Prime Minister Kishida had a telephone conversation with WHO, the Secretary-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros, and agreed to further strengthen cooperation in future measures such as measures against the new corona.

Prime Minister Kishida had a telephone conversation with WHO Secretary-General Tedros for about 25 minutes on the 19th.

Based on the fact that the annual general meeting of WHO will start on the 22nd of this month, they will exchange opinions on future measures for the new corona and WHO's financial situation, and will further strengthen cooperation. It matched.

Prime Minister Kishida also announced his policy to support the re-election of Mr. Tedros in the WHO election for the next secretary-general, and Japan's position to support observer participation in Taiwan's annual meeting.

On the other hand, Secretary-General Tedros pointed out that promotion of "universal health coverage" that provides high-quality health and medical services to all people is beneficial for measures against the new corona, etc. We confirmed the policy of setting up a working team to proceed with the examination toward the establishment of.