- Of course I have respect for the height, but somehow at this height it becomes unreal.

I do not think about it, says the dock worker Anna Persson when SVT Gävleborg goes with her up in the crane cabin.

And yes, it's loud - really loud.

The cranes are a full 128 meters high and change Gävle's skyline.

The cranes are also an important part of the billion investment that Yliport Nordic and Gävle Hamn AB have made to expand the container terminal.

But what is it then in all the containers that come and go?

- In those who come in, it is, for example, coffee, clay for the paper industry and consumer goods of various kinds.

Those who leave are finished products from the region's basic industry, mainly: Steel, wood and paper, says Gävle Harbor CEO Fredrik Svanbom.

Want to know more about what it's like to work so high in the air?

Watch the video above.

This is what it looked like when the cranes arrived in Gävle last summer:

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See the giant cranes arrive in Gävle by ship and hear the port's CEO Fredrik Svanbom talk about the investment.

Photo: SVT