North Korea: 1.7 million cases of corona in a week .. And Kim Jong: "The laziness and neglect of officials is the reason"!

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said that the negligence and laziness of government officials has exacerbated the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country, state media reported Wednesday, at a time when the number of known cases exceeded 1.7 million.

The government of Kim Jong Un revealed the first cases of the Corona virus last week.

And the number of infections with the Omicron mutant is increasing, which shows the failure of the two-year closure measures.

While presiding over a meeting of the ruling party's Politburo on Tuesday, Kim said there was "immaturity in the state's ability to deal with the crisis" and criticized "the unhelpful and lax attitude of senior state officials," according to the official North Korean News Agency.

North Korea recorded 232,880 new cases of "fever" on Tuesday evening, bringing the total number to 1.72 million and 62 deaths, according to the agency.

The official media did not specify the number of infections and deaths caused by the emerging corona virus, but experts say that the authorities will find it difficult to conduct tests on a large scale.

At the meeting on Tuesday evening, Kim promised to "wake up the whole party like an erupting volcano" to counter the outbreak.

Kim has put himself at the forefront of the country's epidemic response since North Korea announced its first case of Covid last week, noting that the outbreak is causing "major turmoil."

Medicines donated by the Kim family were distributed to North Koreans in South Hwangi, according to state media, in an effort to highlight his personal role in fighting the epidemic.

About 3,000 army medical personnel are participating in a "round-the-clock service of drug delivery and supply," state media reported Wednesday.

Experts point out that North Korea's health care system is among the worst in the world, with hospitals suffering from a lack of equipment, a lack of intensive care units, and the lack of drugs to treat people with Covid or the possibilities for large-scale examinations.

For its part, the World Health Organization on Wednesday expressed concern about the massive damage that the mutant Omicron could cause to the unvaccinated population of North Korea, and renewed its offer of assistance, from providing vaccines to medical equipment.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, "The World Health Organization is deeply concerned about the risk of Covid-19 spreading further throughout the country, especially since the population has not received vaccinations and many people have a medical history that puts them at risk of seriously ill from the disease."

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