George Bush's slip of the tongue: "The invasion of Iraq is brutal and unjustified."

Former US President George W. Bush made an embarrassing slip of the tongue when he described the invasion of Iraq as a "brutal and unjustifiable act", when he was referring to the military operations that Russia launched in neighboring Ukraine last February.

George Bush Jr. was talking about supporting democracy and condemning Russian military operations, in a speech he delivered at the presidential complex that bears his name and includes a museum and library in Dallas, Texas.

Speaking about what he described as tyranny in Russia, George Bush Jr. said: "The result is the absence of accountability and balances in Russia, and then a decision by one man to start an unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq."

But George Bush Jr., who is 75 years old, quickly realized his mistake, shook his head and explained, "I mean Ukraine." attendees.

The "slip of the tongue" sparked a wide interaction on social platforms, and cynical commentators said that George W. Bush was honest when he described the invasion he launched in 2003 as a "brutal and unjustified invasion", even if he did so unintentionally.

The United States, during the era of Bush Jr., began the invasion of Iraq, under the pretext that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction, but the fall of Baghdad confirmed that Washington's allegations were not true.

The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a partner and ally of Washington in this invasion, has apologized for getting involved in the campaign against Iraq.

Critics of Bush Jr. said that the invasion of Iraq was the factor that sowed chaos in the country, and then made it fertile ground for the emergence of the terrorist organization "ISIS".

Some commentators have relied on what the well-known psychologist Sigmund Freud said about the slip of the tongue, as he considers it an “unconscious expression of the innermost self, even if it appears to be just a passing mistake, and this is what applies to George Bush Jr,” as they say.

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