Israeli Army Radio said that Iron Dome was activated after drones flew in the north on the border with Lebanon.

In turn, Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that there were preliminary reports of the downing of a Lebanese Hezbollah drone and intensive activity of the Israeli Air Force in the region.

The reporter also quoted eyewitnesses as saying that they heard explosions in the Israeli-Lebanese border area, and they also heard sirens.

For its part, Reuters news agency said that the sirens of a missile attack sounded in Israel near the border with Lebanon, and quoted Israeli television as saying that the missile defenses had been activated.

Anadolu Agency also quoted the Israeli media as confirming that a drone coming from Lebanon had breached Israel's northern border, and that warning sirens had been sounded.

The Israeli army spokesman said that the air defenses fired interceptor missiles as a result of a misdiagnosis.

"No enemy air force from Lebanon has violated our airspace," he added.