[CCTV Quick Review] Adhere to peaceful development, cooperation and win-win, and move towards a better future together

  On May 18, President Xi Jinping delivered a video speech at the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Global Trade and Investment Promotion Summit. He pointed out the severe situation facing the current world economic development, put forward a series of insights to promote economic globalization, once again declared China's firm determination to expand high-level opening up, and issued a sincere initiative for openness, cooperation and common development.

President Xi's speech won wide resonance among the guests and all walks of life.

  In today's world, economic globalization is an irresistible historical trend.

Economic globalization is conducive to promoting the international division of labor and the in-depth development of the world market, and realizing the optimal allocation of resources around the world. It not only conforms to the laws of economic development, but also conforms to the common interests of all countries.

Practice has fully proved that economic globalization has promoted great trade prosperity, great investment facilitation, great flow of people, and great technological development.

  At present, the century-old changes and the epidemic of the century are intertwined, economic globalization has encountered adverse currents, and the world has entered a new period of turbulence and change.

However, the general trend of economic globalization is mighty and does not depend on human will.

As President Xi Jinping emphasized in his speech: "The business community of various countries has more ardent expectations for peaceful development, stronger calls for fairness and justice, and more urgent pursuit of win-win cooperation."

  A single tree cannot make a forest, and a lone geese cannot make a trip.

The more risks and challenges are faced, the more countries should cooperate to deal with them, actively seek more development opportunities and more space for development, and especially abandon the old thinking of the weak and the winner take all, and take a new path of inclusiveness, mutual benefit and win-win results.

In his speech, President Xi Jinping put forward four suggestions of "concentrating efforts to overcome the epidemic, revitalizing trade and investment, adhering to innovation-driven, and improving global governance". Standing at the height of promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, understanding the law of development and transcending differences and differences is beneficial to all countries. Give full play to their respective advantages, promote inclusive development, better promote economic globalization, and make globalization truly benefit the world.

  "China's determination to expand high-level opening-up will not change, and China's door will only open wider." In his speech, President Xi reiterated China's position on expanding opening-up and announced a series of practical actions to promote economic globalization, demonstrating that China Always be a big country that contributes to global development.

Looking back on the magnificent journey of reform and opening up over the past 40 years, China has opened up its mind, embraced the world, opened its doors for construction and development, and has become the world's second largest economy, the largest trader of goods, the largest tourism market, and many countries. major trading partners.

China's development has benefited from the historical process of joining the global economic tide. China is also an unswerving promoter of global opening up. All countries are welcome to take China's express train of development to provide more market opportunities, investment opportunities and growth opportunities for the global business community. .

  When people are united, Mount Tai is moved.

Today's world is in a period of great development, great change and great adjustment. The process of change is often full of risks and challenges, and it will also give birth to new opportunities.

Only by uniting and cooperating and working together towards the goal of building a community with a shared future for mankind can we turn crises into opportunities and achieve win-win cooperation.

All countries should adhere to peace, development, cooperation and win-win, and work together to solve the current problems faced by the world economy and international trade and investment, so that economic globalization can release more positive effects, share development opportunities, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, so as to enter a better future. A new stage that is more dynamic, more inclusive and more sustainable, and pushes human society towards a better future.

  CCTV commentator