China News Service, Beijing, May 19th (Lingyun) On May 18th, the launching ceremony and media briefing of the domestic and foreign online linkage publicity activity "Meet the Hometown of Confucius and Mencius to Taste Culture in Jining" was held in Beijing and Jining. The global essay contest with the theme of "Jining" city charm was also launched simultaneously.

  This event will focus on "telling Chinese stories well, spreading Chinese voices, and showing a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China to the world", and will attract overseas audiences to the cultural connotations of Jining - Confucian culture, Canal culture, Water Margin culture, etc. , focusing on 9 overseas countries to carry out online theme publicity activities.

  Jining City is located in the southwest of Shandong Province and is the central city of Huaihai Economic Zone.

Jining has profound cultural heritage, and "Hometown of Confucius and Mencius" and "City of Canal" are its important cultural business cards.

  The excellent traditional Chinese culture is the cultural root of the Chinese nation. The ideology, humanistic spirit, and moral norms it contains are not only the core of Chinese people's thinking and spirit, but also have important value in solving human problems.

Wang Lei, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Jining Municipal Party Committee, said that Jining has a profound cultural heritage and rich connotations.

It is hoped that this event will allow audiences at home and abroad to walk into Jining, a famous historical and cultural city, understand the cultural connotation behind the city, tell the stories of traditional Chinese culture well, and promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

  The culture of Confucius and Mencius has gone through thousands of years and is still an important part of Chinese culture.

Jining will work with China News Agency to join hands with overseas Chinese media to tell the story of the hometown of Confucius and Mencius to overseas, and write good articles about the ancient and modern canal culture.

  Representatives of overseas Chinese-language media attended the event through online connections.

Li Shuangjie, president of the Russian "Dragon", mentioned that it is the responsibility of overseas Chinese-language media to tell China's stories to the world and convey China's voice.

"We will use the unprecedented speed and breadth of digital media in the Internet 5G era to tell the story of Jining to the world."

  Sun Ran, vice president and editor-in-chief of "Japan Oriental News", said that Japan and Jining face each other across the sea, with similar cultures and close cooperation.

She believes that Jining is rich in cultural tourism resources, and the World Heritage sites such as the Confucian Temple, Confucius Mansion and Confucius Forest in Qufu, as well as many relics reflecting the life of Confucius in the Nishan Cultural Tourism Resort, can become promotional cuts to enhance the popularity of Jining, and become attractive Reasons why Japanese tourists come to visit.

  This event covers 9 countries on 5 continents, and 14 overseas Chinese media participated. It was published in Chinese, as well as in English, French and Japanese. , multi-dimensional presentation of Jining's profound cultural connotation.

According to estimates, the event will cover about 20 million overseas Chinese groups and some other overseas groups. It will also organize and call on a number of Internet celebrities to participate in this event, influencing and guiding about 30 million domestic and foreign Internet celebrities fans and other online users. The above has formed the effect of interactive publicity at home and abroad.