China News Agency, Beijing, May 18th, title: Zhao Yong, an overseas Chinese businessman: in time for the country and the country

  Author Men Rui

  "Trustworthiness is the foundation of business ethics. Enterprise operations must follow the guidance of national development strategies and social progress trends, and achieve 'multi-win' in order to achieve long-term and successful success." Executive Vice President of China Federation of Overseas Chinese Businessmen, Fuhua International Group Zhao Yong, the chairman of the board of directors, said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency recently.

  In the early 1980s, after graduating from university, Zhao Yong came to Shenzhen and accumulated nearly 10 years of government work.

Being in the "frontier position" of Shenzhen, Zhao Yong has witnessed the various processes of reform and opening up and has grown rapidly. He said frankly: "This work experience has made me use it to this day."

  In 1989, Zhao Yong returned to Beijing from Shenzhen and joined Fuhua International Group.

In the following 30 years, his business rhythm has always resonated with Beijing's urban development and construction.

  In 1998, in order to relieve traffic pressure and revitalize Wangfujing Commercial Street, Beijing brought Jinbao Street project to Hong Kong to attract investment.

In the face of such problems as the renovation of dilapidated houses in the block, Fuhua International Group undertook this challenging project.

At the end of 2002, Jinbao Street was fully connected, and then gradually developed into a highly representative high-end commercial street.

  After more than 20 years of changes, Jinbao Street has ushered in a new mission.

In 2020, Dongcheng District proposed the goal of building a "Shoushan Financial Demonstration Zone", and planned to build Jinbao Street into a "high-end financial gathering area".

At present, the block upgrading plan has been implemented for nearly two years, with remarkable results, attracting international financial institutions such as Credit Suisse Group to settle in.

Zhao Yong expressed the hope that the "upgraded" Jinbao Street can become an innovative demonstration block, and help the development of Beijing's financial industry by forming a high-end financial cluster.

  Since 2010, Fuhua International Group has begun to participate in the construction of the core area of ​​Tongzhou New Town Canal, and supports overseas Chinese businessmen and enterprises to invest and cooperate in Tongzhou.

In 2012, Beijing officially proposed to build a fully functional city sub-center in Tongzhou. At that time, there were still overseas Chinese businessmen who knew little about Tongzhou. Zhao Yong also followed the promotion of relevant departments to attract global overseas Chinese businessmen to settle in Tongzhou with high-quality services.

  In Zhao Yong's view, the healthy development of overseas Chinese businessmen requires not only active policy support from the government and other relevant departments, but also smooth communication channels to timely understand the needs of overseas Chinese businessmen and give feedback.

"Tongzhou City Sub-center is very meticulous in these two aspects," Zhao Yong said. With the help of the World Overseas Chinese Business Center and Beijing International Wealth Center, Tongzhou has not only attracted many high-tech Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas Chinese enterprises to settle down, but also gradually cultivated The wealth management industry cluster is quite international and professional.

  As a standing member of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Zhao Yong believes that it is necessary for overseas Chinese business enterprises to follow the national policy guidelines.

From the investment in Park Hyatt Auckland to the location of the Hengqin branch of the China Red Sandalwood Museum in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Zhao Yong's business map has always been extended along the national development path.

  As New Zealand became the first western developed country to sign a memorandum of cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative with China, Zhao Yong decided to invest in the construction of Park Hyatt Auckland.

The project not only became the first local hotel project developed by a Chinese company, but also New Zealand's largest overseas investment in public infrastructure at that time.

  In December 2019, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland, the Hengqin branch of the China Red Sandalwood Museum was officially opened in Zhuhai, and the "Glory of the Forbidden City - Palace Furniture Cultural Relics Exhibition of the Forbidden City" was launched at the same time.

Zhao Yong expressed the hope that the completion of the museum will serve the construction of public cultural undertakings in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and provide a solid platform for the museum's cross-regional and inter-library exchanges and for youths in the Greater Bay Area to experience traditional Chinese culture.

  The red sandalwood carving technique is a national intangible cultural heritage.

Over the years, the China Red Sandalwood Museum under Fu Wah International Group has always adhered to art and culture as a bridge, and carried out cultural exchanges with other countries through the exhibition of red sandalwood sculptures and other forms.

  Talking about his outstanding cultural exchange experience, Zhao Yong said: "People's sensibilities to culture and art are irrespective of country, and traditional Chinese culture is unique in the world. Whenever these works of art go to overseas exhibitions and exchanges, they can rely on their own The artistry and historicity of the art have won the respect and love of the local people. No matter whether they knew China or not, they can understand China and understand China from the artwork.”

  Having personally experienced national development and social changes, Zhao Yong said that the strength and support of his ancestral (home) country is the foundation for overseas Chinese businessmen to venture into the world. The strong traditional Chinese culture nourishes the spirit of overseas Chinese businessmen who have the world in their hearts. China's rapid development for many years has provided the vast number of overseas Chinese businessmen. For the abundant opportunities at home and abroad, overseas Chinese businessmen and enterprises are also always grateful.

  For Zhao Yong, devoting himself to public welfare is an important way for him to repay the society.

At the beginning of 2022, after the fifth round of the epidemic broke out in Hong Kong, Zhao Yong, the executive director of the Beijing Overseas Friendship Association, issued an initiative to call on people from all walks of life to donate money and materials. A total of more than 30 million yuan (RMB, the same below) worth of epidemic prevention materials were raised to help Hong Kong; 2021 After the "7.20" heavy rain disaster occurred in Zhengzhou, Fuhua International Group donated 10 million yuan to Henan Province for 3 water-damaged projects that need to be repaired urgently... He said: "Great kindness is for the people, and doing public welfare and charity is not only It is the social responsibility of overseas Chinese businessmen, and it is also a sense of family and country that Chinese sons and daughters can overcome the difficulties together." (End)