• In 2016, the HCL announced the transfer of the Henry-Gabrielle hospital to that of Desgenettes, a project aborted in 2021. Instead, a renovation of Henry-Gabrielle or the creation of a new building in the Vinatier enclosure, in Bron.

  • An association made up of caregivers, patients and sympathizers is campaigning for the renovation of the site.

  • Without news from the HCL, the defense committee of the Henry-Gabrielle hospital calls on the city of Lyon and the metropolis to take a stand.

“Grégory Doucet and the metropolis must take a strong position”, proclaims the defense committee of the Henry Gabrielle hospital.

In 2016, the Hospices Civils de Lyon announced the closure of the Saint-Genis-Laval hospital for 2021. Since then, vagueness has reigned around the future of the establishment specializing in the rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

To date, two proposals have been made: a transfer to the Vinatier compound, in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon, which would require the construction of new buildings, or the renovation of the site.

The two projects have been estimated at around 70 million euros.

The authorities had first imagined a transfer of skills from Henry-Gabrielle to the Desgenettes hospital, a project aborted in 2021, before the dissolution of the military hospital.

"Aberrant" to "concrete an end of the Vinatier park"

Henry-Gabrielle's defense committee has never changed and defends the renovation of the building as soon as possible.

"Time is against us, by dint of waiting, the site is more and more dilapidated", declares Didier Machou, vice-president of the committee. Mobilized since 2016, the association denounces the nonsense of transferring the hospital .

“It is an exceptional wooded site of 10 ha which above all has real knowledge.

Going to concrete a piece of the Vinatier park to find yourself landlocked in the city, it's absurd.


For patients too, leaving the Saint-Genis-Laval site would be a disaster.

Corinne Andrieux, a former caregiver, has Parkinson's disease.

She is followed at the Henry-Gabrielle hospital and cannot imagine taking her care elsewhere.

“It's not possible to leave here.

The framework is 50% of rehabilitation, it allows us to escape from our conditions, which are sometimes difficult to bear.

When things are not going well, I will walk to the bottom of the park and I scream to let out my pain, ”she confides.

An assiduous sportswoman before her illness broke out, she insisted on the importance of infrastructure.

“The hospital has an athletics track, a tennis court.

I was able to learn to run again.

Sport is my second medicine: where can I run at Vinatier?


“Why not go to the end of the process?


Didier Machou does not understand this stagnation, especially since renovation work has already been undertaken.

“The gymnasium has been extended, air conditioning has been installed.

Why not just go to the end of the process?

», asks the vice-president of the association.

For a year now, the defenders of the Henry-Gabrielle hospital have had no news from the HCL.

Contacted by

20 Minutes

, the Hospices Civils and the city of Lyon did not wish to communicate on the subject.

The association's volunteers turn to the elected officials of the city and the metropolis in whom they place their hopes.

“From what we have learned from our discussions, I have the impression that they are on our side.

They should proclaim it loud and clear now, ”points out Corinne Andrieux.


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