During the month of May, the County Administrative Board began supervising fishing off the coast, in collaboration with the coastal municipalities in Västerbotten.

You go around the coast by boat to make sure that fishermen follow the rules that exist.

- There are no exact figures on how much, but the feeling is that sea trout has decreased radically up here compared to before, says Per Brännström, fishing consultant at Umeå municipality.

Through the inspection, the County Administrative Board also hopes to get a better picture of how much fishing is actually conducted in the area.

The supervision applies to all types of fishing and the entire county's coastline will be controlled.

Restrictions to protect sea trout

The greatest focus is on the river's protected areas, but also areas that are shallower than three meters.

- In early spring and late autumn when the water is cool, sea trout seek out shallower water.

Then it is forbidden to lay nets where it is shallower than three meters, says Per Brännström fishing consultant at Umeå municipality.

There is large-scale trawling in the Baltic Sea that affects fish stocks.

Can the supervision you do of recreational fishing contribute to change?

- I hope so, and better insight so that we can regulate the regulations and build up strong fish stocks, says Per Brännström.

Follow out on the fishing control in the clip above and see how it goes for the fisherman who lays nets.