U.S. President Biden will visit Korea tomorrow (20th) and hold the first summit meeting with President Yoon Seok-yeol the day after tomorrow, as well as three days and two nights.

The White House said it was closely monitoring the possibility of North Korea provocations during President Biden's visit to South Korea.

Correspondent Yunsu Kim from Washington.


White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan gave a briefing a day before President Biden's departure for South Korea.

Sullivan said he was watching the possibility of North Korea launching provocations, such as nuclear tests or long-range missiles, before and after President Biden's visit to South Korea.

[Jake Sullivan/US National Security Adviser: During President Biden's Korea-Japan tour, we are preparing for all contingencies, including the possibility of a North Korean provocation.

We are working closely with South Korea and Japan on this issue.]

He added that the issue was also discussed with China to deter North Korean provocations.

He also made it clear that North Korea's nuclear and missile issues would be on the core agenda at the summit with President Yun.

Some media reports that President Biden will also meet with former President Moon Jae-in to discuss a special envoy to North Korea when he visits South Korea have not been scheduled.

[Jake Sullivan/US National Security Adviser: There are currently no plans to meet with former President Moon.

(Possibility of ex-President Moon's special envoy to North Korea?) I've never heard of such a thing.]

The White House explained that during President Biden's visit to South Korea, US troops in Korea will be visited, but not to the Demilitarized Zone, where he was considering a visit.