Jacques Serais 08:41, May 18, 2022

The appointment of Elisabeth Borne to the post of Prime Minister questions the political class and more particularly the right, which fears a reversal.

The profile of the former Minister of Labor leaves many elected officials perplexed, who are awaiting the constitution of her government.

Elisabeth Borne is active in the shadows.

Appointed Prime Minister on Monday, she is actively working on forming a government.

Meticulous work.

He will have to avoid offending the right.

Several figures ranked on the right who support Emmanuel Macron fear a reversal.

Until the end, they believed in the appointment of the ex-Republican Catherine Vautrin to Matignon.

And the change of mind at the last moment of Emmanuel Macron in favor of Elisabeth Borne leaves them pensive.

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A profile that questions

The main concern relates to the profile of the new Prime Minister.

If Elisabeth Borne is a very good technocrat, she does not have a sovereign thought structure, as a perplexed high-ranking adviser points out to Europe 1.

A minister from the Les Républicains party affirms that the only consolation prize is Elisabeth Borne's political leanings to the left.

Thus, it is a safe bet that the president will want a rebalancing with more right-wing ministers.

"Of course, it will be necessary to counterbalance", wants to believe another elected official.

A heavy task, without forgetting another crucial stage of his beginning of mandate: the legislative elections.