In the western part of California, a man broke into a church where Taiwanese residents gathered and fired a gun, killing and injuring six people. I'm looking and investigating.

On the 15th, a man broke into a church and fired multiple guns in Laguna Woods, a town southeast of Los Angeles, California.

Many Taiwanese residents usually gather in the church, and a luncheon is held around the pastor who returned from Taiwan at that time. According to the police, one Asian man died and five men and women were killed. I did.

In this case, David Chow, 68, was arrested on the spot and arrested on suspicion of murder.

Local media said the information about Chow was confusing from either China or Taiwan, and investigators said that Chow's car "Taiwan should not be independent of China." I am reporting that the memo was found.

Police say the suspect, dissatisfied with the tension between China and Taiwan, committed the crime based on political hatred, and the FBI is also investigating as a hate crime. I made it clear.

In the United States, on the 14th of the previous day, a shooting incident that seems to be a hate crime just occurred in eastern New York, and it is perceived that the division and confrontation of people with different backgrounds are becoming more serious due to the successive incidents.