“Hello Medina, indictment of Nicolas Bay confirmed.

“This message is the one that the lawyer of the rapper Médine sent Tuesday to his client.

The artist then shared the screenshot on his Instagram, thus confirming the indictment of the vice-president of Reconquest!.

The rapper had filed a complaint for "defamation" against the member of Eric Zemmour's political party after the latter accused him of having links with the "Islamist movement".

The facts date back to June 22, 2022. That day, Nicolas Bay posted a video on Twitter in which he criticized Hervé Morin, candidate for the regional elections, for having “paid a grant of 18,000 euros for the production of a documentary to the glory of: rapper Medina".

The video document then describes the rapper as "close to the Islamist movement of the Muslim Brotherhood [who] did not hesitate to name one of his albums "Jihad"".

Nicolas Bay, insists and posts in comment: “A documentary to the glory of the Islamist rapper Médine?

These are Hervé Morin's cultural choices for Normandy!


📹 A documentary to the glory of Islamist rapper Medine?

These are Hervé Morin's cultural choices for Normandy!

If you want to put an end to these compromises, vote for the list that I lead on Sunday, June 27!

#Normandy2021 pic.twitter.com/kVCOtW4B4H

— Nicolas Bay (@NicolasBay_) June 22, 2021

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Asked by Liberation, Médine said he was "happy that [sa] complaint is successful": "I especially want to establish case law with these cases so that artists, researchers, associations, athletes, journalists who are insulted by Islamists or Islamo-leftists can, through my case, prosecute all those who try to discredit and smear their work.



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