Medical advice for asthmatic patients to prevent the damage of the dust wave

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection confirmed that the groups most vulnerable to the effects of dust waves are asthma patients, the elderly, children, people with immune diseases and those with respiratory diseases.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection stated that there are 3 steps that must be taken care of: sitting in closed places and avoiding open places, and using preventive and expanding nebulizers for the airways if you are sick with asthma according to the doctor’s instructions, in addition to wearing a mask or a cold piece of cloth.

For its part, the Dubai Health Authority has given 3 tips to asthma patients to prevent the impact of the current dust wave, especially since people who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and those with weak immune systems are among the groups most vulnerable to health damage caused by sandstorms.

The authority called on asthma patients to carry an "asthma inhaler" with them at all times, and advised to adhere to the medication even if there were no symptoms of irritation.

The Dubai Health Authority also called on asthma patients to go to the health center, if the asthma attack did not respond to the inhaler.

Doctors set out the most important tips for asthma patients in the case of dust-laden air:

1- Avoid going out in bad weather, especially for elderly patients with asthma.

2- Ensuring that children, pregnant women and patients with other diseases are away from dust or dirt.

3- Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and dust.

4- Drink warm liquids and water.

5- Refrain from exercising in open spaces.

6- Make sure the windows are closed well.

7- Water spray can be sprayed in the air and on the furniture until the dust settles on the surfaces

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