Mayor Boychenko of Mariupol, a key point in eastern Ukraine, said in an interview with NHK on the 18th, "Ukrainian troops have defended Mariupol and the steelworks, but they have finished their mission. He emphasized that Russian troops are aiming to recapture Mariupol, although it is in full control.

Mayor Boychenko responded to NHK's online interview on the situation in Mariupol on the 18th in Zaporizhia, southeastern part of the evacuation site.

"We have been defending Mariupol's and Azovstal ironworks for more than 80 days. We have held back Russian troops, but their mission has ended," he said of the movement of Ukrainian troops.

Mayor Boychenko said, "The Ukrainian side is ready to regain Mariupol. When the time comes, we will switch from defense to counterattack. We will win and I will definitely return to Mariupol," said the Russian army in full control of Mariupol. He emphasized that he is aiming to recapture what is being done.

Under these circumstances, "Russia is trying to use the port, but the Ukrainian army has set up mines and two ships have been sunk to block the route. Russia is trying to remove it." He said that the Russian side is moving towards the reopening of the port.

"There are more than 100,000 people left, 20% to 30% of Mariupol's population, but there is a shortage of food and water and electricity are cut off. I want to send humanitarian aid, but I can't deliver it. Russia can't reach the town. We should allow them to enter, "he said, accusing the humanitarian situation of deteriorating under Russian troops.