After the first official case of Covid-19 recorded in North Korea last week, the epidemic has spread at full gallop in the country.

More than 1.72 million cases have now been recorded, and 62 people have already died, according to the official KCNA agency.

Enough to annoy leader Kim Jong-un, who told a Party meeting on Tuesday that there was "a lack of maturity in the state's ability to deal with the crisis".

The dictator also criticized "the non-positive attitude, the softness and the inactivity of senior state officials".

Kim Jong-un promised to "wake up the whole Party like an active volcano" to counter the spread of the virus.

Since the country announced its first case of Covid last Thursday, the leader has taken personal control of the fight against the epidemic, which he says is causing "great upheaval" in the country.

Pyongyang ignores WHO aid

On Tuesday evening, North Korea recorded 232,880 new cases of "fever".

Kim Jong-un notably ordered a national confinement, his population not being vaccinated, and deployed the army to help fight against the coronavirus.

The army "has urgently deployed its powerful forces to all pharmacies in Pyongyang city and started providing medicine as part of a 24-hour service", KCNA said.

However, the WHO on Tuesday expressed concern about the havoc Omicron can wreak on North Korea's unvaccinated population and reiterated its offer of assistance ranging from vaccines to medical equipment.

For now, the Pyongyang authorities do not seem to have responded to these calls.

According to experts, the country has no treatment for Covid-19 and does not have the capacity to massively test its population.


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