Kim Jong-un, general secretary, summoned party officials and strongly rebuked him for failing to respond in the initial stage of Corona.

In the state-run Rodong Sinmun, an article that positively mentioned the effect of the vaccine was published today, following yesterday (17th).

Reporter Kim Min-jung reports.


As if to appease the agitated public sentiment, it is being broadcast every day that the supply of medicines is going well in North Korea.

[Chosun Central TV: Comrade Kim Jong-un personally prepared at home and delivered to the difficult and difficult generations in South Hwanghae Province.]

Looking at the North Korean announcement alone, the trend of corona spread is also fading.

It was announced that there were 232,000 new cases of fever, but after peaking on the 15th, it has been gradually decreasing for three days in a row.

At the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Politburo held yesterday, all participants, including General Secretary Kim Jong-un, took off their masks.

It is a completely different atmosphere from the meeting on the 12th, when we first acknowledged the fact that COVID-19 occurred.

General Secretary Kim also wore a mask while inspecting a Pyongyang pharmacy, but it is interpreted that he returned to 'no mask' to emphasize his confidence in overcoming Corona.

However, the responsibility for the corona crisis rested entirely on party officials.

[Chosun Central TV: The immaturity of crisis response capabilities, the inactive attitude, laziness, and inactivity of state leadership officers expose loopholes and spaces in our business as they are...


The change in attitude of the North Korean leadership, which has been refusing the international community's support for vaccines, is also notable.

Following yesterday's article in the Rodong Sinmun stating that the vaccine should be vaccinated, a positive evaluation was added today with expressions such as "very effective in treating seriously ill patients."

Russia's foreign ministry said the North Korean ambassador to Russia met with the Russian vice foreign minister to discuss ways to cooperate with the virus, and he appears to have requested Russian vaccines and medical supplies.

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