“Crimea has rich experience over eight years of various blockades, restrictions, sanctions, and so on, we have learned to overcome all this, we are mobilizing quickly.

Within the framework of humanitarian relations, from the very first day, we actually provided both targeted and systemic assistance to all the liberated regions of Ukraine, ”Aksenov said.

According to him, now the situation is simplified by the fact that a military-civilian administration has been appointed in these regions.

“That is, in fact, the regions in this case have leaders, those persons who take responsibility for appropriate decisions.

It’s easier for us now, since tasks are being formed from the spot, ”said the head of Crimea.

He added that “now all this is being done targetedly, pointwise, either at the request of the residents of the neighboring liberated territories themselves, or directly at the request of the military-civilian administration.”

“Everything is synchronized with the authorities, with the Ministry of Defense, with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, respectively, there is no duplication of functions in this direction.

Therefore, in my opinion, Crimea will be ready to assist in the future.

And we send humanitarian aid as well as in transit, of course, ”Aksenov said.

According to him, both targeted and systemically they try to “provide assistance to everyone who applies, without exception,” and “they don’t leave anyone face to face with problems.”

Earlier, Aksyonov said that Crimea would restore railway communication with the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.