His candidacy was short-lived.

The LREM candidate for the legislative elections Jérôme Peyrat, sentenced in 2020 for violence against an ex-companion, announced Wednesday to withdraw his candidacy after a series of criticisms in the political class.

“I hear that my candidacy for the legislative elections could harm my political family.

I withdraw it, ”said the ex-candidate in the 4th constituency of Dordogne.

"I invite each and everyone to look precisely at the facts of which I am accused, the court decision and the other decisions taken in this case", he underlines.

"I'm fine and I'm a candidate"

Emmanuel Macron's former political adviser had been invested by the presidential majority, to the surprise of outgoing MP Jacqueline Dubois (LREM).

She had decided to run despite this investiture, making her participation in the election official on Wednesday.

Contacted by 20 Minutes this Wednesday, before the announcement of this withdrawal, she felt that he would be honored to give up.

“I think he made a triple mistake: underestimating the impact of his conviction, betraying a given word [that of not showing up] and underestimating my reaction.

On the phone he said to me: “There you are angry, but tomorrow it will be better.

"I'm fine and I'm a candidate," she confided.


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