Nina Droff 7:42 a.m., May 18, 2022, amended at 7:42 a.m., May 18, 2022

From next October, two-wheelers will have to pass a compulsory technical inspection.

This is the result of a decision taken on Tuesday by the Council of State.

This regulation divides the users, some consider it too costly.

Leaning on their scooters, helmets on their heads, Lucie and Julien discuss the new regulations on technical control.

From October 2022, like cars, they will have to have their frames serviced every two years.

According to them, this decision will bring more safety on the road.

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"When you see the condition of some scooters, which are in very poor condition, I understand that it's mandatory. It avoids having wrecks on the road," says Julien, glancing at the row of dusty scooters near of his.

"And then it avoids accidents sometimes. At least the problems are spotted quickly" adds Julie.

A blow to the wallet

While almost everyone agrees that this measure will improve security, many see it as a blow to their wallet.

For Remy and Jacques, stopped at a red light, this new obligation is above all an additional expense for users of two-wheelers.

"Technical control has a huge cost", protests Remy, "and we are already paying a lot for fuel, parking and sometimes parking tickets..."

This observation is shared by Jacques who even thinks of parting with his motorcycle as the expenses accumulate.

"Before the motorcycle or the scooter, it was also for those who could not afford a car. But today with all the costs, we lose almost all the advantages of two-wheelers", sighs- he.