China News Agency, Brussels, May 18. The Chinese Mission to the European Union responded to the remarks of senior EU officials on Taiwan on the 18th, emphasizing that China firmly opposes any form of official exchanges, negotiation and signing of any country or organization with the Taiwan region. The nature of the agreement urges the European side not to take any chances.

  A reporter asked. According to recent media reports, a senior EU official said that they would enhance trade relations between the EU and Taiwan. What is China's comment on this?

  The spokesperson of the Chinese mission to the EU said that the one-China principle is a recognized basic norm of international relations and a general consensus of the international community, and it is also the political basis for the establishment of diplomatic relations and the development of bilateral relations between China and the EU.

In various documents and statements issued by China and the EU, the EU has reiterated the one-China principle.

China and the EU have a clear consensus on the unofficial economic and cultural exchanges between the EU and Taiwan.

  The spokesperson emphasized that China firmly opposes any country or organization to conduct any form of official exchanges with the Taiwan region, and to negotiate and sign any agreement with sovereign connotations and an official nature.

This is not a trade issue, but a serious political issue. It involves the political foundation of China-EU relations. China has no room for compromise.

We urge the EU not to take any chances, abide by the one-China principle, earnestly respect China's sovereignty, and fulfill its political commitments to China with concrete actions.