In March, the Wall Street Journal, a leading American newspaper, reported that the crash of a passenger plane that killed 132 passengers and crew in southern China "may have been caused by intentional operation."

Chinese aviation authorities have not identified the cause of the crash and are continuing to investigate.

China Eastern Airlines' Boeing 737-800, carrying 132 passengers and crew, crashed in the mountains of the southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on March 21, killing all.

Boeing and U.S. officials are also helping to investigate the cause of the crash, but the Wall Street Journal, a leading U.S. newspaper, learns about the preliminary analysis being conducted by U.S. authorities on the 17th. According to a person familiar with the matter, "the flight data shows that the crash may have been caused by an intentional operation by someone in the cockpit."

However, the official also said that the US side does not have all the information available to the Chinese authorities.

It seems that the aircraft fell almost vertically, and from the beginning it was pointed out that the crash may be related to human factors, but Chinese aviation authorities released a preliminary investigation last month. In the summary of the report, the "black box" that records flight data etc. was severely damaged, and the cause of the crash has not been identified, so we are continuing the investigation.