15:37 came the alarm about the accident in central Umeå.

The accident occurred at the intersection between Skolgatan and Östra kyrkogatan at the height of the bathhouse Navet.

- There are two vehicles involved and two drivers.

Right now there is a total stop on Östra kyrkogatan, says Martin Olofsson, operator of SOS alarm.

The rescue service and two ambulances are alerted to the scene.

- The accident was caused by a rear-end collision.

It is a car that drove into a tractor excavator with a trailer.

The ambulance staff is now looking at the drivers and we are helping with the traffic situation, says Tor Håkansson, internal commander at the rescue service.

The injury situation to people is unclear.

Traffic is greatly affected by the accident and traffic is limited.

- Salvage will be needed for these two vehicles, says Tor Håkansson.