The Austrian government has said it has no plans to join NATO.

"Austria has no intention of joining NATO," Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schalenberg said at a European Union Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Brussels.

"Our geographic situation is completely different," he said. "Our history is very different, and I think we just have to take that into account."

Austria is a permanently neutral country that does not intervene in other countries' wars but guarantees its own security. Although Austria is a member of the European Union, it is not a member of NATO.

Sweden and Finland, which are military neutral countries, decided to apply for NATO membership due to security concerns when Russia, which is geographically adjacent to Ukraine, invaded Ukraine, unlike Austria.

"There is no neutrality in the war of aggression," said Foreign Minister Schallenberg.

He also said that as long as he does not join NATO, he will increase investment in his own security to strengthen his own security.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)