In the nomination election held on March 30, Fredrik Modéus received 11.2 percent of the vote.

Since all candidates who received more than five percent of the votes go on, he is now one of five bishops who are running in the first round of the election of a new archbishop in Sweden.

The election will be held on Wednesday 18 May.

Fredrik's big brother Martin received the most votes in the nomination election with almost 30 percent of the votes.

Martin Modéus is currently a bishop in the diocese of Linköping. 

In the clip above, you hear Fredrik talk about how it feels to compete against his brother.

Can be two rounds of elections

Fredrik Modéus tells SVT Nyheter Småland that he does not have such high hopes of being elected, but that he wants to invest in a church that is open to all people.

- Where you can talk about life as it is, and where you can get answers to your questions and a way of interpreting life.

You can hear more about how Fredrik Modéus concretely wants to make all people feel welcome in the church in the clip below.

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Fredrik Modéus is one of five candidates left for the post of archbishop Photo: Ricardo Garcia / SVT

If none of the five candidates receives more than 50 percent of the votes in the first round of elections, another round is held.