Early summer heat, a lot of crowds along the streets and not least more than 4,000 women who chose to run, jog and walk around the two tracks (2.5 and 5 kilometers) in central Karlstad.

Tuesday's exercise race was the first Spring Rush that could be carried out traditionally since the corona pandemic hit the winter of 2020. The number of participants did not reach the 2019 levels (then almost 7,000 started) but it was still a folk festival that ended with a traditional picnic.

Weslien won before cross-country skiers

Most participated for the sake of exercise - but as usual there were also those who wanted to run really fast.

The fastest of all was the Karlstad girl Olivia Weslien, competing for IF Göta, who covered five kilometers in 17.04 minutes.

Second was the cross-country skier Lovisa Modig, Torsby running club, and third Wilma Karlsson, Göta.