The Israeli occupation forces arrested the Palestinian youth Omar Abu Khdeir, who was a protector of the coffin of the late Sherine Abu Aqleh, during the occupation police’s assault on the funeral in front of the French Hospital in occupied Jerusalem.

This came during a campaign of arrests launched by the occupation forces last night in the city of Jerusalem, especially in and around Beit Hanina, following the funeral of the martyr Walid al-Sharif.

And Abu Khdeir from the town of Shuafat in Jerusalem, and he is the owner of the famous scene while protecting the coffin of the late Sherine Abu Aqila from falling, despite receiving blows with batons by the occupation forces that suppressed the mourners.

Abu Khdeir told Al-Qastal Al-Akhbar about the details of the attack and the insistence of the Palestinian youth on protecting the coffin, stressing that they used to say, "Except for the coffin... just protect your heads and keep the coffin."

Last Friday, thousands of Palestinians participated in the funeral of Abu Aqila, who was shot dead by the occupation, while she was preparing to cover the Israeli forces' storming of Jenin camp last Wednesday, even though she was wearing a bullet-proof vest with the "press" logo and a protective helmet.

When the coffin was taken out of the French Hospital in East Jerusalem, the occupation police stormed the hospital yard and tried to disperse a crowd whose participants were chanting and waving Palestinian flags.

The coffin nearly fell to the ground when the police beat its carriers with batons, before being straightened and lifted at the last moment.

The intervention of the Israeli forces resulted in the injury of 33 people, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent.

While the Israeli police stated that they arrested 6 people.

The scene of the attack on the funeral sparked great anger in the popular and international circles. The United States expressed "deep annoyance at the scenes of the Israeli police attacking the funeral procession," and international and public statements called for an investigation.