China News Agency, Los Angeles, May 16th. The Orange County, California, U.S. police announced on the 16th the identity of the suspect in the Laguna Woods church shooting. David Chou, a 68-year-old Asian resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, faces a murder case. One count of felony murder and five counts of felony attempted murder, with $1 million bail.

On May 15, local time, the Orange County Police Department in California said a shooting occurred at a local church.

The picture shows a police car near the church after the shooting.

  At about 1:26 p.m. local time on the 15th, the Orange County Police Department received a call of a shooting incident in a church (Geneva Presbyterian Church) on El Toro Avenue in Laguna Woods, the county.

One person was killed and five others were injured in the shooting.

The five wounded, including four Asian men, aged 66 to 92, and an 86-year-old Asian woman, suffered gunshot wounds, four of them critically.

  According to a press conference held by the Orange County Police Department on the 16th, the suspect, David Chou, is a U.S. citizen who lives alone in Las Vegas and works as a security guard.

On the day of the incident, the suspect came to the church with two guns, first chained the church door and glued the door lock with super glue to prevent people in the church from escaping.

Police have not found any direct relationship between the suspect and the church or church members.

The FBI has launched a hate crime investigation.

The Orange County District Attorney's Office is expected to formally indict the suspect on the 16th, and the suspect will appear in court for the first time on the 17th.

  Unfortunately killed in this shooting incident was Laguna Niguel resident, Chinese-American doctor John Cheng.

It will be his 53rd birthday in a month, leaving behind his wife and two children.

  Orange County Police Chief Donald Barnes said John Cheng is a sports medicine physician.

After gunshots rang out in the church, witnesses saw John Cheng rush over to throw the suspect to the ground and fight for the gun.

Several church members rushed to support and tied the suspect's legs with ropes, eventually subduing him.

  During the fight with the suspect, John Cheng was shot several times and died at the scene.

Barnes said the shooting would undoubtedly have resulted in greater casualties had it not been for the selfless bravery of John Cheng, who "was a hero."