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(news broadcast): The latest agricultural situation dispatch shows that most of the summer grains in the main producing areas have entered the critical period of yield formation and are growing well.

  More than 90% of summer grains are wheat, an important ration.

The latest agricultural situation dispatch shows that at present, the wheat in the southwest wheat area has been ripe and harvested one after another. Jianghuai and Jianghan are in the late stage of grain filling, most of Huanghuai and southern North China are in the middle stage of grain filling, and the central and northern parts of North China and Northwest China are blooming for grain filling.

  In Sichuan Guanghan National Grain Planting Base, good results were obtained in the yield measurement of late-sown wheat.

Affected by the autumn flood last year, some winter wheat in Sichuan were sown late.

In order to keep the wheat output stable, the experts of the national wheat industry technology system timely and innovatively introduced the no-tillage and moisture-resistant seeding technology and supporting management measures. The average wheat output in Sichuan province is expected to increase by 10% to 15%.

  This year, the national winter wheat has exceeded 330 million mu. While striving to stabilize the area, the country has vigorously developed high-quality special varieties that are in short supply in the market.

Anhui has invested 280 million yuan from all levels of finance, focusing on supporting high-quality special-purpose wheat. The area of ​​high-quality special-purpose wheat exceeds 70%, an increase of 12 percentage points over last year.

  In Fuyang, the local area is carrying out the last "one spray and three defenses" to effectively increase wheat yield through this key yield increasing technology.

  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs' dispatch analysis of 360 winter wheat agricultural conditions monitoring sites across the country shows that this year's national summer grain harvest has a foundation, and it is expected to usher in a large-scale harvest in early June.