China News Service, May 17. According to the news on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on the 17th, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently issued the "Decision of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Amending the "Administrative Measures for Entertainment Places". The “Measures” for short) has been revised.

The "Measures" revised the clauses that were inconsistent with the higher-level law.

For example, to implement the newly added provision of the "Law on the Protection of Minors" that "no entertainment venues shall be set up around kindergartens".

  The implementation of the "Measures" has played an important role in regulating the entertainment market order and promoting the prosperity and healthy development of the entertainment market.

In recent years, with the development and changes of the entertainment market, there are specific problems in the supervision process, such as difficulty in banning, and it is necessary to revise the "Measures" to give supervision means and measures.

At the same time, the state has promulgated or newly revised a number of laws and regulations related to the management of entertainment venues, and reforms in fire protection and environmental protection are also gradually deepening.

  The revision of the "Measures" clarifies that the provincial cultural and tourism authorities are responsible for the approval of wholly foreign-owned entertainment venues to engage in entertainment venues, further promoting the full implementation of the "Regulations" policy on foreign investment in entertainment venues.

The "Measures" also clarified the approval level for foreign-invested entertainment venues to apply for engaging in entertainment venue business activities, and canceled relevant requirements such as submitting approval documents to the competent commercial department.

At present, foreign investors are allowed to set up entertainment venues in China in accordance with the law, there is no investment ratio limit, and the application materials, establishment conditions and procedures are consistent with domestic investment.

In addition, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment shall be implemented with reference to this policy.

  The new "Measures" further deepens the "delegation, regulation and service", reduces materials and certificates, and cancels the original requirement to submit approval documents or filing certificates issued by fire protection, environmental protection, commerce and other departments, so as to avoid each other.

  This revision adheres to the combination of "delegation and control", strengthens supervision during and after the event, and solves the problem of "black places" being difficult to punish and ban. Article 28 of the Administrative Punishment Law shall be confiscated, and the local culture and tourism administrative department shall be given the means and measures of punishment, which further guarantees fair competition in the market.

  The new "Measures" further strengthen credit management, requiring that those who meet the circumstances of seriously untrustworthy entities shall be identified in accordance with the provisions of the "Cultural and Tourism Credit Management Regulations" and corresponding credit management measures shall be implemented.

In addition, the new "Measures" coordinate development and safety, and clarify the main responsibility for safe production in entertainment venues.