Leaving Matignon on Monday, Jean Castex felt that he had returned "by breaking and entering in July 2020" into "national political life".

To get out of it, the now former Prime Minister will take "a step aside", he declared during the transfer of power with the new head of government Elisabeth Borne.

"I will, of course, continue to serve our country, there are so many ways to serve your country when you love it, apart from politics," said Jean Castex, visibly moved and warmly applauded by Matignon staff at the end of his speech.

He also took the opportunity to pay a strong tribute to "agents and civil servants of the State and the public service" and more particularly to "public health" personnel with whom he associated private health workers who fought against the Covid-19 pandemic.

They “faced with absolutely exceptional courage and selflessness all the waves of the pandemic,” he noted.

A thought for the victims of terrorist attacks

Jean Castex also greeted "the members of Parliament and in particular the parliamentary majority" "faithful and of great loyalty".

The former tenant of Matignon also had a "special thought" for the victims of terrorist attacks like the one which cost the life of Professor Samuel Paty on October 16, 2020.

Finally, to her successor, Jean Castex reminded that she had to take care "never to forget" the "millions" of fellow citizens of silent France which is "the backbone of France" and who do not express themselves "not necessarily on social networks" or "continuous news channels".


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