Europe 1 3:53 p.m., May 17, 2022

On Europe 1, the lawyer for Estelle Mouzin's father, Didier Seban, confided that a last attempt will be made "in the coming months" to try to locate the body of the girl kidnapped in January 2003, in Guermantes , in Seine-et-Marne.

All those that have been carried out have yielded nothing so far.


Eight times in recent years, excavations have been carried out to try to find the body of Estelle Mouzin, who has been missing since 2003. Without success.

But for Estelle's father's lawyer, Éric Mouzin, all hope is not lost.

Guest of Europe 1 Wednesday morning, Me Didier Seban hinted that a new research campaign could be launched soon.

"We do not despair. We have one last attempt (for the excavations, editor's note) before sending the file back to the assizes, which will take place just after the summer normally or in any case in the months to come", a-t he slipped into the microphone of Julien Pearce.

Two elements could finally unblock the situation, according to the lawyer: first, the use of new technologies "to identify ground movements or which make it possible to see where Estelle's body is buried".

Above all, the participation of Monique Olivier, the ex-wife of Michel Fourniret.


- "L'Ombre", the podcast event on the Estelle Mouzin affair produced by Spotify and Europe 1 Studio

Why Fourniret's ex-wife may be the key to the case

The serial killer had admitted before dying "to have taken the life" of Estelle Mouzin but without giving more details.

His ex-wife is today the only one who can allow us to move forward on the path of truth.

"Monique Olivier said that she had attended the funeral (d'Estelle, editor's note), after having for two years denied having accompanied Michel Fourniret to the scene. Her perversity means that she still plays with the investigators, the magistrates , that she plays with everyone. But we will still question her, "says Me Seban.

During each search campaign, "the magistrate (in charge of the case, Sabine Kheris, editor's note) summons an impressive system: around the investigators, elite soldiers from a marine infantry regiment sometimes come as reinforcements and different experts are called upon, including an archaeologist to probe the soil", says journalist Chloé Triomphe in the podcast L'Ombre, produced by Spotify and Europe 1 Studio.

These excavations are now concentrated in the communal wood of Issancourt-et-Rumel, in the Ardennes, near the Belgian border.