Statistics from Mobility Sweden show that pure electric cars are becoming increasingly popular.

In 2020, 27,968 electric cars were newly registered in Sweden and last year the figure had risen to 57,470 - an increase of 105.5 percent.

"Norrbotten in the forefront"

In Norrbotten, the corresponding increase was from 291 new electric cars in 2020 to 692 newly registered electric cars last year, which corresponds to an increase of 138 percent.

And it continues to rise.

In the first four months of this year, Norrbotten had an increase in newly registered electric cars by 321 percent compared with last year.

Compared with the country as a whole, which has increased by 250 percent, we in Norrbotten are at the forefront when it comes to electricity, says Fredrik Söderholm.

In the video, Fredrik Söderholm says that it is the private car buyers who are a little ahead of the companies when it comes to buying electric cars.

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