The Swiss town of Davos in the Alps is the hometown of Klaus Schwab.

Every year in the middle of winter, Schwab chooses to host the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum here.

In January 2017, this "highest town" in Europe once again erected the "world economic vane".

  On January 17, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the 2017 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum and delivered a keynote speech.

At a time when trade protectionism and anti-globalization ideology are gathering haze over the world economy, the question of the era of "what's wrong with the world and what should we do" urgently needs to be answered.

  "Many problems plaguing the world are not caused by economic globalization";

  "It is impossible and inconsistent with the historical trend to let the sea of ​​the world economy return to isolated small lakes and small rivers";

  "Practicing protectionism is like locking oneself in a dark room, seemingly avoiding the wind and rain, but also isolating the sun and air";

  "We must not only have the wisdom to analyze problems, but also have the courage to take action"...

  With philosophical oriental wisdom, President Xi Jinping has taken the pulse of the world economy and pointed out the direction for economic globalization at a crossroads.

  After President Xi Jinping's speech, as the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Schwab said enthusiastically that President Xi Jinping's visit to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum and his speech are of special historical significance, which gives us more confidence in the future .

  "President Xi's speech has brought us sunshine," Schwab's words were drowned in thunderous applause from the audience.

  A year later, the World Economic Forum was convened again with the theme of "Forging a Common Destiny in a Divided World".

Schwab said that this theme is a continuation of the concept of "a community with a shared future for mankind" in President Xi Jinping's 2017 speech.

  Time makes the light of truth shine brighter.

  In 2021 and 2022, President Xi Jinping will appear in Davos twice through the "Cloud Forum", calling on all parties to strengthen their confidence and move forward courageously to jointly create a better world in the post-epidemic era.

  From the correct direction for the international community to unite to overcome the epidemic, to the fundamental solution to promote the stable recovery of the world economy, from the realistic path to bridge the development gap, to the correct way of getting along between countries, President Xi Jinping looks at the long-term historical cycle and faces the current new situation. Challenge, and gather strong confidence and strength to overcome difficulties and challenges for human development.

  From the deafening voice of the times above the snow-capped mountains to the cooperation initiatives to promote development above the clouds, the feeling of the world is always the same, and the lofty concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind is consistent.

  "We are a community with a shared future for mankind on the same planet. We have and should work together to create a common and beautiful future." Schwab said that President Xi Jinping's speech is very important. Solving problems through dialogue and cooperation is the key to realizing peace and harmony among mankind. The only way to prosper.

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