For comparison, the passenger ferry Viking Cinderella is 191 meters long.

We will see if she enters the free port, she is so big that she may have to lie outside, says the navy's communications manager Rebecca Landberg to DN.

The US Navy wrote on Twitter on Sunday that the ship is sailing into the Baltic Sea to ensure security and stability in the region together with allies and partners.

At the beginning of June, she will participate in the NATO exercise Baltops, in which Sweden will also participate.

The exercise takes place between 5 and 16 June in the central and southern Baltic Sea and on shore-based land exercise areas in Sweden, Germany, Poland and the Baltic states.

A number of foreign ships are already in the Baltic Sea and participating in a NATO exercise in Estonia.

In March, SVT was allowed to follow another American warship.

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The battleship USS Forrest Sherman is currently in Frihamnen.

Photo: Photo: Jasmine Gestblom / SVT