On the morning of May 17, the large-scale multi-purpose civil helicopter "Lucky Bird" AC313A independently developed by China Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) made its first flight at Lümeng Airport in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, marking a new progress in the construction of my country's aviation emergency rescue equipment system. New weapon.

  After the first flight, the development of the AC313A helicopter has shifted from the trial production stage to the test flight stage. According to the plan, the airworthiness certification will be completed during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and delivered to users.

  AC313A is a 13-ton large multi-purpose civil helicopter developed on the basis of AC313.

The AC313A was replaced with a new engine, which improved the power and life reliability of the transmission system, upgraded the electromechanical, avionics, flight control, control and other systems, and added the health monitoring system (HUMS), rotor anti-icing and other airborne equipment. The take-off weight is 13.8 tons, the water spraying capacity is 5 tons, and it can transport 28 crew members.

  The AC313A helicopter has visual and instrument flight capabilities, and can meet the requirements of complex areas and climatic environments such as plateaus, high temperatures, and high cold.

AC313A helicopter aims at the weak link in my country's current aviation emergency rescue equipment. By equipping with search lights, fire buckets, electric winches, aerial broadcasting and other mission equipment, it has outstanding ability to perform fire fighting, search and rescue tasks; through improved design, This type of aircraft has excellent plateau performance, which can effectively make up for the shortage of emergency rescue and material transportation needs in high plateau areas such as Tibet in my country.

  Through customized design, this type of aircraft has the ability to perform tasks such as emergency medical rescue, emergency command, and comprehensive law enforcement. After installing an emergency flotation system, it can also perform maritime rescue missions, which can meet the needs of all-weather and multi-purpose in my country's entire territory. Effectively improve the aviation emergency rescue capabilities and high-quality supply capabilities of domestic large-scale civil helicopters, and better support the construction of my country's aviation emergency rescue system.

  (Reporter Li Sha, Li Jingcheng, Yan Weiran, Yu Sixian, Han Tianshu)