China News Service, May 16. According to a report from Taiwan's United News Network, a screenshot of "Google Maps" has been circulated on the Internet recently, and only a small island in the shape very similar to Taiwan's "Sweet Potato Island" has been seen on the Internet. I couldn't help but exclaimed, "Is it a parallel Taiwan?"

  It turned out that the island in the picture is called "Province Island" (Province Island), which is the largest island in the "Lake Memphremagog" (Lake Memphremagog) on ​​the US-Canada border.

  Its appearance is very similar to that of Taiwan Island. Like Taiwan, it has the shape of a vertical sweet potato. Coincidentally, the southernmost end has a corner like the Hengchun Peninsula.

According to Wikipedia, the island is mostly covered with vegetation, with few man-made buildings, and is currently privately owned.

  However, as early as 2014, some netizens discovered that because of its strikingly similar appearance to Taiwan, it was labeled as "parallel Taiwan" on the Internet. Recently, it was dug up by netizens, causing heated discussions again.