Two referees were violently attacked in their locker room after a handball match, this Wednesday evening in Garges-lès-Gonesse (Val-d'Oise).

The meeting opposed the local club to Franconville, details

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The temporary exclusion of a player from Garges is the cause of the violence.

Temporary then permanent exclusion

This arbitration decision angered the handball player and his team.

The player then came several times to interrupt the match to explain himself to the referee, said one of the victims.

He then received a red card, synonymous with permanent exclusion and the risk of sanctions for him and his club.

The handball player finally left the gymnasium when he was not allowed to.

After the meeting, about twenty individuals burst into the locker rooms of the two referee brothers.

They were kicked and punched all over their bodies.

They were given several days of ITT and filed a complaint.

A suspect was arrested and taken into custody.

A referee threatened with death after a football match near Saint-Brieuc


Assaulted and insulted, a referee files a complaint after a district match in Seine-et-Marne

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