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Manfred Koehler

Head of department of the Rhein-Main editorial team of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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the fever rises.

If you're reading this, there's probably exactly 48 hours to go before kick-off in Seville, where Eintracht are aiming for their Europa League win on Wednesday night.

It can be assumed that the city will stand still that evening because everyone is sitting in front of the television.

In the event of victory – and who would doubt it – the team will be welcomed in the Römer on Thursday and will be celebrated on the balcony of the town hall in the evening.

A week to remember for a long time.

It is difficult for other subjects.

Let's try anyway:

Kick-off for the construction of the Regionaltangente West:

For many years it was considered as unlikely that it would ever come to that as six hits on the goal wall in the ZDF sports studio.

Not for the World Cup this year, nor for the European Championship in 2024, but perhaps for its successor four years later, special trains, a hybrid of tram and S-Bahn, are to run in a semicircle from Bad Homburg via Frankfurt-Höchst and on towards Neu -Isenburg drive or at least on a section of this route.

At the ground-breaking ceremony, some drew a comparison to Berlin, where there has long been a ring road around the city.

As if the city of a Europa League finalist could be compared to a place whose most important club just made it to a relegation place in the Bundesliga!

Fair play in Frankfurt parks: In

the future, the police want to pay more attention to ensuring that Grüneburgpark in particular is not sidelined.

There had been a stabbing there late Friday evening, in which two eighteen-year-olds were seriously injured;

the search for the perpetrators continues.

Red card for extortionate rents:

Everything is becoming more expensive, including living, as is well known - in Frankfurt, a rent index should help that rents do not increase like the goal difference in a game between Bayern Munich and a third division club.

A square meter cold in an average apartment in the Main metropolis now costs 10.29 euros, an increase of ten percent compared to the most recent survey in 2018.


what's more, you can now "murder mindfully" in the Mainzer Kammerspiele, the title of the piece after the bestseller of the same name


the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt is setting up a jazz course in cooperation with the hr Big Band

++ +

Offenbach appears in the new spelling alphabet not only once like Frankfurt, but even twice, with "O" and "Ö".

I wish you a pleasant evening

Yours, Manfred Koehler

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for Tuesday

The day begins with sun and clouds.

In the afternoon there may be rain showers.

Slightly cloudy at night, locally foggy at 14 degrees.




Jürgen Max Spangenberg

, honorary chairman of the Frankfurt Rowing Club from 1865 (80);

Matthias Kurreck

, managing director of the office furniture manufacturer Vario, Liederbach (59);

Rainer von Borstel

, General Manager of the Hesse Association of Building Trades Entrepreneurs, Frankfurt (58).