Around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in northern Ukraine, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Russian, it has been pointed out that when the Russian army temporarily occupied it, the pollution by radioactive materials may have spread due to the actions of the army, and investigations are underway to investigate the actual situation. It has been.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant was occupied by the Russian army for more than a month from the end of February, and the surrounding area was not contaminated by radioactive substances because the Russian army dug up soil containing radioactive substances to make sardines. I am concerned about it.

For this reason, the research institute of the government agency that has jurisdiction over the restricted area with a radius of 30 km from the nuclear power plant started an investigation from the middle of last month to confirm how the pollution situation changed due to the actions of the Russian army, and NHK's interview team said , I accompanied the investigation with permission.

In the investigation on the 16th, two people in charge were using a measuring instrument to check the radiation dose in a building in Chernobyl, about 12 km away from the nuclear power plant.

A small amount of radioactive material was stored in this building before the invasion, but after the occupation by the Russian army, a fire broke out in the battle with the Ukrainian army, so the radiation dose exceeded the standard near the storage place. Was confirmed.

"The Russian army has done something wrong, and a proper investigation can reveal it," said Alexandre Balskoff, a research institute employee.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant was controlled by Russian troops from late February to early last month, but it also invaded Chernobyl, about 12 kilometers away, and many offices were occupied or plundered by Russian soldiers.

Chernobyl is located in the restricted area after the nuclear accident, but the NHK interview team obtained permission and interviewed with the guidance of the staff of the nuclear power plant operating company.

Of these, the office of an electrical repair company was used as a base for soldiers, and about 10 beds were brought into one room of the office and used to sleep.

In another room, canned cheese and meat with Russian words left, indicating that the soldiers were eating.

On the other hand, the facilities related to the nuclear power plant that monitor the pollution situation of the nuclear power plant and the surroundings were looted, the monitor room was scattered on the desk and floor, the monitor screen and a part of the computer disappeared, and it was stolen by Russian soldiers. Is believed to be.