Ms. Neubaur, with whom do you get along better, with Hendrik Wüst or Thomas Kutschaty?

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Political correspondent in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Oliver Georgi

Editor in the politics of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

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It's not about getting along better with each other, but both are very likeable guys.

Many say you personally have a preference for a black-green alliance with the CDU.


As a top candidate, I conducted an election campaign that was characterized by the saying: If you want green, you have to vote green.

An election campaign that recognizes that we are a relevant political force here in NRW.

We were chosen with a huge leap of faith.

Now it will be a question of getting the most out of what we independently represented in the election campaign.

Green handwriting must be clearly recognizable.

However, it is at least obvious that the two election winners, the CDU and the Greens, first start talks with each other and head towards a coalition.

The ball is now in Hendrik Wüst's hands.

He has already announced that he will invite to talks.

If he invites us, we gladly accept the invitation.

Do you still see a chance for a traffic light coalition?

Democratic parties are represented in a traffic light coalition.

So of course it would be a possibility.

Above all, it would be quite comfortable for your party: Two plucked partners would see the strong Greens facing each other.

Here, too, the decision as to whether they want to hold talks lies first with the other parties.

I am not entitled to judge what the SPD and FDP are doing now.

We are clear: If we are invited to talks, we will accept the invitation.

We said during the election campaign that we, as independent and self-confident Greens, would speak to all democratic parties.

We will keep this promise even after the election.

Your more left-wing party base in North Rhine-Westphalia would not prefer a traffic light to black and green?

We did not carry out a ballot in advance.

I can simply say: In North Rhine-Westphalia, we are responsible with 16 mayors in the countryside and three mayors in different color constellations.

And clear green handwriting is always visible.

That makes it clear: we are a pragmatic state association with clear goals when it comes to leading NRW into a good future.

Couldn't Black-Green also be a great opportunity: The CDU tends to appeal to older people, the Greens tend to appeal to younger people?

Black-green as a bridge project?

I believe that we have to answer the question of who will cover what in the next state government wisely because we are facing such great challenges.

I mean the transformation towards a climate-neutral economy and society, which the Ukraine war has made even more urgent than it already was.

No party, no government can do this alone, everyone in NRW needs it.

What has not been done for years in the expansion of renewable energies must now be done all the more quickly.

Regardless of the constellation, the goal must be that everyone can go along with the transformation.

What role did the North Rhine-Westphalian Greens' Foreign Minister Baerbock and Federal Minister of Economics Habeck play in the electoral success?

We have clearly received encouragement for what Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck do every day.

We have obviously succeeded in translating the good green federal trend to NRW.

People can trust that we NRW Greens in a state government will communicate with people as openly, transparently and on an equal footing as Baerbock and Habeck do in the federal government.

That we also address impertinences.

And you would like to become Economics and Climate Minister in Düsseldorf, would you like to be the Roberta Habeck of NRW?

I would really like to be able to stay with Mona Neubaur.