In 2024 the ball will start rolling at the European Football Championship.

But the message that Frankfurt will be involved as the host of five games is something the city already wants to convey to the world.

As with the 2006 World Cup or the 2011 Women's Soccer World Cup, two people from Frankfurt will be there to represent the venue.

Daniel Meuren

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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According to information from the FAZ, a former player named "God of Football" by Eintracht fans and a sportswoman who is not familiar with soccer are in conversation and will most likely soon be officially presented as EM ambassadors: The former Eintracht scorer Alex Meier would then be the more classic Representatives for the role of ambassador, as in previous tournaments, his fellow legends Jürgen Grabowski, Bernd Hölzenbein or Charly Körbel.

Surprise in the role of ambassador

Deborah Levi

on the other hand, is a surprise candidate who is not yet well known in Frankfurt.

The woman who pushes the German two-man bobsled, which pilot Laura Nolte drove to gold at the Winter Olympics, comes from Dillenburg, but is studying sports, mathematics and German to become a primary school teacher in Frankfurt.

She is said to have inspired the decision-makers in the city of Frankfurt with her open nature and, as a stranger to the sport, is said to bring a different impetus to the EM campaign.

In 2011, the female ambassador role was still traditionally filled by Sandra Smisek, a two-time world champion who was born in Frankfurt.

The European Championship begins on June 14, 2024, and the draw for the qualifying groups will take place in the Alte Oper on October 9 of this year.

As in 2006, Frankfurt wants to stand out as the host city during the EM tournament with special events such as the Main Arena, large screens on the Main.